Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winters Cafe - Pakington St, Geelong

Atmosphere: ***/5
Food: ***/5
Drink: ****/5
Service: ****/5

After a big night out for an engagement party, the bridesmaids organised a Sunday brunch with the loved up couple.

A two story cafe, Winters fits quite a few people in, and with twelve people at our table, I was worried that the service would be slow and my coffee would take a while to get to me, however, I was wonderfully surprised.

The coffee was perfect and our orders were taken quickly.  The wait staff were not very engaging but they all appeared to be those whom had been in hospitality for some time, which you don't often see.

The coincidently named 'big night' breakfast was a popular order with the boys at the table, and all the girls opted for building their own breakfast starting with eggs as you like it and options of ingredients such as; spinach, haloumi cheese, local Queenscliff relish and other assortment of sauces, mushroom cups, tomato, Meredith feta, hash browns, avocado smash, smoked salmon and for a first time in a while I wish I ate pig with an option for pork, apple and sultana sausage and ham off the bone.

(Sourced from the Winters Cafe Website) 

I enjoyed my meal immensely, I am a strong believer you can never go wrong with a good haloumi cheese for breakfast, and the Queenscliff relish was surprisingly one of my favourite ingredients as it acted as a baked bean mix without being too heavy, this is something I will now looking at doing at home.

I was really thrilled that even though there was a large majority of self built meals all were delivered correctly within three minutes of each other.

If you feel the need there are also options of breakfast booze and cocktails and if I was not driving to Melbourne I would have defiantly tired one or two of the cocktails!  They also offered a Hairy Lemon drink (a kind of barocca) which I thought was very cute!

The atmosphere is lovely, there is artwork all through the cafe with the theme continuing onto the menus with each containing a biography promoting local artists from Deacon University and local art spaces and institutions.

There was a predominantly female population in the cafe, and the décor was defiantly aimed at the female population with the crockery featuring pink and purple. It was, however, very cute seeing the boys drink out of these!

I would defiantly recommend this place for lunch and or breakfast.  With a recent win of Hospitality and Tourism Award for Best Regional Cafe 2012 and Best Customer Service 2011 it seems the judges agree as well!

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