Monday, August 19, 2013

Cafe Nautigals - Apollo Bay

Atmosphere: ***.5/5
Food:  ***/5
Drink: **/5
Service: **/5

I have a real soft spot for this Cafe.  At Nautigals as in most places along the Great Ocean Road in winter, I find that you are afforded the most efficient service and the food will come out quickly and to the best of the kitchens ability. Nautigals shines for one of the reasonably priced cafe menu along the Apollo Bay coast for the quality and size of the meals.

As I have lived and worked in the area, I would like to point out when reviewing places like this, the extreme contrast brought on by tourists in summer and the small, mainly local based population in winter will make the same eatery into a totally different place.

The service will change dramatically throughout the year.  The amount of time spent on presentation and the making of the food is put under pressure and the expectations of clientèle changes.  

In summer, the influx of population from cities put's pressure on restaurant's and cafes that are, predominantly set up for a third of the population in winter.

Excusing the two recent fires, Nautigals has found it's own balance between getting it right through-out the four seasons as it has been one of the longest standing cafes in Apollo Bay.      

The menu is quite standard for a cafe, and there is not much table service, but you get what you pay for, and to me its worth it. The breakfast options are a favorite after a big night out (or in) which can be often when staying in Apollo Bay. The Vegetarian burger option for lunch is also a favorite and the coffee is quite good, they know how do do it strong. 

The outdoor seating is often more popular than the inside, this could be because the atmosphere is quite flat and uncomfortable compared to sitting outside watching the passers-by and looking over the wonderful coastline.

When the hoards of tour buses are taking over the pubs at lunchtime this is the locals hangout,  I suggest you grab your mates and sit outside, take in the sun and the view, and have a good laugh and gossip alongside the locals!

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