Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Wharf Shed - Geelong

Atmosphere: ****/5
Food: */5
Drink: **/5
Service: -/5

For all intensive purposes this is not going to be a positive review.  So I apologise for that.

Geelong, being the closest thing to my home town, is a place in which I visit regularly, and for some absurd reason, I often feel the need to have my chosen meal out on the town at the Wharf Shed Cafe on the Waterfront.

Maybe it is the water, and the close proximity to the shopping precinct as well as the prime views that pull me to this place but I am always so disappointed and frustrated when I come here.

The reason why I am writing this review now is due to my recent visit there in which my friends and I ordered a cappuccino and two milkshakes in which we waited 45 minutes for and never received.  When I did approach the counter to let the manager know she apologised offering nothing, making it obvious that it is a regular occurrence.

The food here is quite bland, and the menu quite unimaginative. This makes The Wharf Shed Cafe perfect for fussy eaters, people who don't like fine dining or children.  The tables are known to be sticky and the restaurant in general a bit dirty so you will not feel like you are imposing by bringing big groups or needing to keep your children under control at your table.

The food here is uneventful, I have found the best things here are fried, although friends have commented on their food tasting like it has been fried in old oil.  My favourite thing to order here which is a entrée of garlic and cheese flat bread which I am sure you can get at many other places and for a cheaper price than $10.

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The service is terrible, it appears the management of the kitchen and floor staff needs a major overhaul.  There are often as many waiters and waitresses as there are patrons and you will still have to wait for service.  The person who seats you does not take your order, and due to lack of communication your often required to chase down different wait staff who are supposed to be looking after your section to take your order (beware this will take a while and you will go through many staff).  The electronic devices they take your order on have had malfunctioned whilst the orders have been taken which sets you back another 20 minutes.

Unfortunately because of the position of The Wharf Shed Cafe it seems to have constant patronage which is why I am assuming there has been nothing done about the poor service and uninspiring food which has been consistent since I can remember.

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